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Congratulations to the 2023 Mobile Storm Recruiting Class!

By Admin, 10/18/16, 11:00PM CDT


2023 Recruiting Class- Commitments 

Haley Patterson                   Kennesaw State

Parris Collier                          Bishop State Community College

Emma Harvell                        Huntingdon College

Samantha Kerrell                LBW Community College

Elyssa Messick                     University of Mobile

Ashlyn Whiteside               Spring Hill College

Samantha Guillotte          University of Loyola, New Orleans

Kylie Lindsey                          Belhaven University

2022 Recruiting Class

Gracie Sims                            Birmingham-Southern

Whitley Grant                      Bishop State Community College

Kathryn Lupo                       Pensacola State Community College

Ally Miller                              Coastal South Community College

Regan Hickman                  Coastal East Community College

Olivia Goodrich                 Huntingdon College

Lexie Gillette                       University of Mobile

Haley Oliver                        Blue Mountain

Corby Stroud                       Piedmont College

Bailey Webb                        Blue Mountain

Sophie Raines                      Bishop State Community College 

Janie Ellis                              Pensacola State Community College

Kate Murray                       Life Pacific University

Lyndi Bakker                      Pensacola State Community College





2021 Recruiting Class

Kamble Frenette           University of Montevallo

Emily Buhl                         Birmingham Southern College

Jordyn Wilson                 Bishop State Community College

Sara Scott                          Huntingdon College

Cassidy Granger           Spring Hill College

Emily Kerrell                  Pensacola State

Anna Marie Stevens       Spring Hill College

Dazsha Dean                 University of Mobile

Abby Chaffe                   Birmingham Southern College

Tatum Beech                University of Mobile

Brelynn Dailey              Coastal Alabama South


2020 Recruiting Class

Kayla Keshock              Samford University

Brinkley Hearn             University of Mobile

Avery Rogers                 University of West Florida

Cheyenne Strickland   Pensacola State University

Becca Walk                    University of South Alabama

Meg Brackhan             University of West Florida

Katrina Espinosa       Pensacola State University

Jacque Martin             University of West Florida

Kaytie Rutland            Pensacola State University

Payton McKerchie   Pearl River Community College

Imani Nicholson        Missouri State-West Plains

Kristi Kadel                   Coastal Alabama-Brewton

Anna Sawrie                   Loyola-New Orleans

Livi Bradley                     Newberry College


2019 Recruiting Class

Baleigh Patterson       Pensacola State University

Bradlie Walters            Coastal Alabama Community College

Carley Danley               Pearl River Community College

Dani Pote                         University of Mobile

Lillie Fromdahl              University of South Alabama

Jordan Wood                 Pensacola State University

Maura Miles                  University of Mobile

Kasey Scott                     Pensacola State University

Mallory Odom               Reinhardt University

Reilly Landreneau        Pensacola State University

Taylor Fontenelle          Spring Hill College



2018 Recruiting Class

Amelia Moore                        University of Dayton

Brantley Rhodes                    High Point University

Sarah Pehler                            Millsaps College

Lauren Raines                         Pensacola State

Kiersten Nezat                       Coastal Alabama 

Reilly Vought                           Birmingham Southern University

Ansleigh Dailey                      Birmingham Southern University

Ellen Floyd                                University of Alaska-Anchorage

Reanna Burroughs               Talladega College

Kassandra Fairly                    Spring Hill College

Lindsey Legg                             University of Southern Mississippi

2017 Recruiting Class 

Blake Mohler                   Purdue Univiersity

Anna Kate Karstens     Georgia